Temperature-Seminars and Training

My offer as a referent

For many years, I have been sharing my experiences, along with our team from Klasmeier, with employees in temperature calibration laboratories, laboratory managers, project engineers, and developers through seminars focusing on temperature measurement and temperature calibration. With over 1,600 trained participants in this field, we have built up extensive experience and expertise.

Our seminars are addressed to different kinds of participants and offer many advantages:

Independent training by employees of our DAkkS temperature laboratory: Our seminars are held by qualified employees of our own DAkkS temperature calibration laboratory. This ensures a knowledge transfer that is well-founded and practice-oriented.

No sales or advertising event: Our seminars are free of sales and advertising content. Our focus is exclusively on providing specialist knowledge and educating the participants.

Seminars, online courses and face-to-face events: We offer various formats to meet the needs of our participants. In addition to face-to-face events, online courses are also available, allowing for flexible participation.

Including Klasmeier.Connect Community: All participants in our seminars receive access to the Klasmeier.Connect Community. This platform offers a group chat, the possibility of direct exchange via direct messages and a media library with relevant materials and resources.

Our seminars are addressed to the following audiences:

Calibration laboratory staff: If you work in a temperature calibration laboratory, our seminars will provide you with the necessary expertise to perform your daily work routinely and safely. We cover relevant topics such as temperature measurement, temperature calibration techniques and best practices.

Laboratory managers: As a laboratory manager, you can benefit from our provided expertise and use the Klasmeier.Connect Community to make solid decisions for your temperature laboratory. Our seminars offer you insights into current developments and standards in temperature measurement and temperature calibration.

Project engineers and developers: For project engineers and developers, our seminars offer the opportunity to develop facilities for temperature measurement and calibration of thermometers. You will learn practically oriented techniques and methods to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

We invite you to participate in our temperature seminars and training courses and benefit from our many years of experience and expertise. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.